Friday, October 24, 2014

All About Little Momma Moments

Welcome Little Momma!

        My name is April Faith and I have to tell you, I am so very humbled to have you here investing your time in this moment. What I wish to communicate through this blog is that today I am called Momma. That’s right, MOMMA! The magnitude of that privilege is not lost on me, as our journey into parenthood was quite turbulent. But today I am Little B’s, Little momma. This miraculous warrior child has been prayed for, waited for, and now she is home!

I married my high school sweet heart six years, to the day, after beginning our relationship and we became parents about six years after that. Those first six years of marriage included years of infertility, several failed fertility treatments, and huge steps towards an adoption, when God and this warrior child decided it was time for Little B to miraculously join our family through a pregnancy my doctors feared would never happen. Living through these experiences has given me significant insight into pregnancy, adoption, and infertility. This knowledge base will fuel many of my posts on prenatal topics.

While every day I am learning more about how to be the mom I desire to be, I have found that both my education and employment history have provided me a valuable foundation for my parenting as well as my blogging. In addition to possessing the California Child Development Site Supervisor Permit, I have two bachelor’s degrees, one in Human development with an emphasis on child development and a second in Psychology. I have extensive career and volunteer experience working with youth 0-18 years of age. In fact the bulk of my workforce experience, prior to becoming the stay-at-home mom I am today, was running a teen parenting program. In that role it was my honor to lead the teenage parents, whom took my parenting lab, in developmentally appropriate child care practices through example and individual direction. In addition to this leadership, I ultimately had the responsibility and joy of offering constant care for the infants and toddlers enrolled in the program.

My goal for this blog is to write a Review or Response piece approximately every other Wednesday. This is where I will either review a product or respond to another article which is pertinent to your Little Momma Moments! Then on Fridays I will write a Reflection piece on the Little Momma Moments I experience on this journey of parenting my miraculous warrior child, Little B.  Finally, I will post a monthly Research article, on the first Monday of every month. I will offer detailed information on a parenting topic that will support Little Momma Moments! In addition to this plan, I may occasionally post bonus pieces, which is good reason to subscribe through e-mail and like Little Momma Moments on Facebook so you don’t miss a thing.

My ultimate dream for this blog is that it will become a place we can connect on both our similarities and differences in how we entered parenthood and how we parent. I hope that we both learn something from each other as we engage here on the blog and on social media. In addition to Facebook I also expect to be most active on Pinterest and Instagram so please be sure to follow Little Momma Moments on those outlets as well.

Little Momma, April Faith


  1. I'm so excited to join you on this Little Momma journey!

    1. And I am so glad you are here, Little Momma Courtney! <3

      Little Momma, April Faith

  2. It was so good reading about love and mommy life. I really enjoyed every bit of your blog and it was really a good time for me as I got so tired from my hectic schedule.