Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Mommy and Daddy Bucket List

Have you ever written a bucket list? Well I have. I created a list of things I’d like to do and a second list for places I’d like to go. Well this week Branden and I have been talking about things we’d like to do with Little B. This conversation turned into a bucket list of sorts and I decided to start writing it down.

So here is what we have so far…

  • Take her to the Wild Animal Park
    • (Because who doesn't love animals.)
  • Take her to Disneyland
    • (Because who doesn't love Mickey.)
  • Take her to Sea World
    • (Because manatees are mommy's favorite animal.)
  • Take her to the Mountains
    • (I find the mountains to be the most peaceful place on the planet, so this one was obvious for me.)
    • Walk around the Mountain/Lake Village
      • Though I know we will do this several more times during her childhood, it was a grand Little Momma Moment to take her to the mountain/lake for the first time.


Oh how that smirk melts my heart!
    • Hike in the Woods
    • Build a Snowman
      • (Do you want to build a snowman?!)
    • Stay in a Cabin
    • Go Sledding
    • Throw Snowballs
  • Take her to New York
    • See Family
    • Drive on the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Take her to the Beach
    • Take her on a Beach Bike Ride
      • ( My parents, Little B's GG & Frosty, and Branden are avid road bikers, so this will be happening for sure. Even before she can pedal her own bike they will be pulling her and her cousins in a trailer behind a bike. Now we just have to wait until she can fit a helmet!)
(As you can tell she is very excited about this!
{This was a video we sent my parents while they were racing in their first half century ride.})

    • play with her in the Ocean
      • (A California must)
    • build a Sand Castle
    • Bury Daddy
      • (Mommy added this one) :)
  • Take her to a Kids Museum
    • (Because I remember going to hands on museums and enjoying them very much as a child)
  • Take her to a Drumline Competition
    • (Little B's Daddy is a musician, more specifically a drummer. He was part of a drumline from middle school all the way through college. So taking her to a competition will be sharing something her Daddy REALLY loves. We actually had a chance to attended one when I was 20 weeks pregnant, so perhaps that will be the start of a tradition for our family.)
  • Take her Fishing
    • (Daddy added this one, and the idea reminds me of this precious song by Trace Adkins)

  • Chase Butterflies
  • Bake and decorate Cookies
  • Raise her with a Church Family
    • Routinely take her to Weekend Services
      • (While this one can never truly be checked off the list, thus the "routinely", I loved the little momma moment of taking her to church for the first time.)
    • Involve her in a Quality Sunday School
      • (One of the main reasons we are at the church we attend is because they have a killer children's program. So I am grateful for that. But in all honesty I would like to ask you, my readers, to pray for me, because the idea of leaving my child with anyone beyond family is one I can't even imagine quite yet.)
  • Watch the Sunset
    • (This is another one I would like to do several times, but we decided to start her young.)
I know this is just a start, but it was fun to get it down on paper, in the digital sense. If you have any ideas on things I should add please leave them in the comments below. Have a great weekend friends!
Little Momma, April Faith

Wednesday, November 26, 2014

Adoption and Boob Jobs (wait... WHAT?)

Hi Little Momma,
Tell me:
Did you ever say something, and then later wish you had thought about your word choices before they left your lips? Or on the flip side, have you ever inwardly cringed while listening to a well-meaning friend ask you a question that was simply not appropriate?  Unfortunately, at one point or another, moments like this happen to all of us.

Now answer this:
Have you ever met anyone who was intimately involved in an adoption? Perhaps they themselves were adopted, or maybe they grew their family through adoption, or possibly they made an adoption plan for their biological child.

Today I am responding to information regarding the type of language we can/should use in these interactions with people whom are a part of the adoption triad: birthparent, child, and adoptive parent. The goal here is to give you some boundaries so that you don’t feel like you are walking on eggshells.

Let’s begin with the idea of Positive Adoption Language, or PAL. The folks at Adoptive Families remind us that “words not only convey facts, they also evoke feelings.” This truth is a large motivation behind the creation of this very popular list. PAL is well documented online as well as in published books. In the book Adoption for Dummies by Tracy Barr and Katrina Carlisle, BSW, LSW, Positive Adoption Language is literally addressed on the second page of the book, even before the title page! They explain that “part of the stigma associated with adoption comes from the language that people have traditionally used when speaking about it.” Not only is PAL the terminology most adoption professionals will use (pg. 12), but it is the terminology you and I can use, and will thus help eliminate that negative stigma.

Now in an attempt to be comprehensive on this topic, I want to address an article from that was published on August 17, 2014 titled “PAL Isn’t Law.” (At the time this post is being published at Little Momma Moments, the link to the article is unfortunately unavailable due to technical difficulties related to the sites remodeling. However, I would like to address the sentiment of the article as I found it particularly interesting and relevant.) Basically, the author explained how she had met a birth mom whose adoption story was very traumatic for her. The woman identified with a phrase on the “Negative Language” list. For example, a birth mom may identify with the traumatic emotions implied in the phrase my “child was taken away.” While this  is presented by the PAL chart as a phrase we should not use, the author pointed out that it was the most sympathetic phrase to use with this particular woman.

So what are we to do?
Well here’s the deal, Positive Adoption Language is certainly the best place to start. If you are outside of the adoption triad, I believe you should “always” use the PAL terms and phrases, UNLESS the individual you are speaking with gives you permission to use alternative language. Empathy is incredibly important. While adoption is a beautiful way to grow a family, it is riddled with emotions, as is any growing family. It is important to truly HEAR what the individual is feeling. If the individual uses a negative term or phrase, consider asking them what term they would like you to use. Sometimes people will use the negative terms to express their pain, but would be offended to hear you use them. Try to take into consideration their body language and facial expressions. In the end of the day it is wise to error on the side of the Positive Adoption Language, and proceed with empathy.
Additionally we can learn a thing or two from Jesse Butterworth. In his YouTube video he created a “Public Service Announcement from Adoptive Families Everywhere.” He presents a unique and lighthearted guideline that can help make sure you are on the right path. He states that “sometimes very well meaning people will say some pretty insensitive things to adoptive families. We can only assume that they're not trying to be mean, but instead lack the language to say what they're really asking. So that's why we came up with this rule of thumb: 'If you wouldn't say it about a boob job, don't say it about an adoptive family.'"

*LOL* Message received Mr. Butterworth!

With all silliness aside, I hope you found some clarity today on appropriate words to use with your friends that are involved in an adoption. As National Adoption Month winds down, please remember to pray for and support all those in the adoption triad.

Little Momma, April Faith

Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adoption 101; Bringing Faith Home! {Domestic Adoption Through a Facilitator}

Good Afternoon Little Momma,
Today is a big day here at Little Momma Moments! I am kicking off the Adoption 101 series! As I explained in my “Happy National Adoption Month piece, this series will be a collection of pieces from guest authors who have grown their families through adoption, and I am so very honored to share these stories with you! This first installment will offer a firsthand account of domestic newborn adoption through a facilitator. Future installments will explore international adoption, domestic newborn adoption through an agency, and domestic adoption through the county. In order to stay current with this series and all things from Little Momma Moments, consider subscribing via e-mail. (FYI- This tool is only available on the full site. So if you are currently reading from a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see a link that says “View Web Version.” Click it and you will then see a field located in the left column where you can input your e-mail.) You are also invited to follow us on Facebook for status updates.
Now grab a box of tissues, because the video in this piece is going to make you cry, and let’s meet Little Momma Rebekah, her husband, Harrison, and their beautiful daughter, Faith.
Little Momma April Faith

(First off, thank you so much, Little Momma April Faith, for asking me to share our adoption story for Adoption Awareness Month.)
Dear Little Momma,

My name is Rebekah and adoption holds a very special place in my heart and I’m excited to take you along on our journey. Our daughter Faith was born in July, and we are currently going through the post-placement stage of our adoption. We are excited to be wrapping up this amazing journey. The wait was a long one, but every time I look over at this precious little one who blessed our family, the pain of our long wait melts away.

When my husband Harrison and I married 8 years ago, children were never even on our radar. For me, the desire to have children was a gradual one; God started prompting me toward adoption little by little. I remember watching the music video, “When Love Takes You In,” by Steven Curtis Chapman in our little apartment while Harrison was at work.

It was after viewing that video when I decided that not only did I want children, but I wanted to have children through adoption. Little did I know that God was also preparing Harrison’s heart for adoption.

We decided that we wanted to start our family through domestic adoption. It’s true what they say, that "no two adoptions are alike." Every adoption is unique in its own way. Adoption laws also vary from state to state, which can make it difficult to figure out the best place to start.

In California, we knew we needed to complete a home study, so we started researching agencies in our area and found The Family Network in Soquel, California. What made them stand out from other agencies were their video interviews from other adoptive parent’s who shared their stories. The home study is important because it shows the government that you are able to parent and pre-approves you to adopt.

It was also at The Family Network where we were led to our adoption facilitators over at Lifetime Adoptions. Unlike most agencies and facilitators, Lifetime has a free application and services the whole United States. Lifetime was an important part of our adoption, because they led us to find Faith’s birthmother.

When finding a facilitator, it’s very important that they know what they are doing and have a great track record. We were very impressed with Lifetime Adoptions because they reached over the whole United States and knew what to look for in birthmothers. I have heard horror stories of adoption scams and felt confident that Lifetime could be discerning.

Lifetime helps families connect with birthmothers through their huge database and helps give advice on writing your birthmother letter and developing your profile, audio message, and video. They also do webinars on a wide range of adoption topics and tips, so you are well prepared on what to expect in your adoption.

Lifetime also went above and beyond what most facilitators do by providing all sorts of services for birthmothers, such as connecting them with counselors, care packages and a scholarship program. They have a heart for birthmothers and I knew our birthmother would be in safe hands.

Once Lifetime connected us with Faith’s birthmother, we then hired a lawyer that was recommended highly by Lifetime. Because Faith was going to be born in California, we were blessed to only need one lawyer. Our lawyer over at Little Angel Adoptions helped us with all the legal aspects of our adoption pre-birth, during birth, and for post-placement. It is extremely important that you find a lawyer that not only comes highly recommended, but that is also a certified adoption attorney.

Currently, we are wrapping up all the paperwork the courts need to finalize our adoption. I can’t believe that the finish line is in sight and soon we will be standing before the judge as he declares Faith to be our legal daughter!

The depth of love that Faith has brought into our life is overwhelming. I never knew I could love so deeply. The gift of adoption has blessed our lives beyond measure.
Little Momma, Rebekah

Friday, November 21, 2014

A Day in the Life of Little B

Those of you subscribing to Little Momma Moments may have realized that I did not post a reflection piece last week. So here’s the deal… my intention was to share our infertility story, but it quickly became evident to me that it would take quite a bit of time and emotional energy to compose an accurate piece that included all of the pain, tears, prayers and hopes of that challenging time. I decided that piece was not something I wanted to rush due to a publishing deadline, so I held it back. That piece is very important to me. If you will be patient with me, I promise I will share more when I am ready.

In other news… make sure you stop by here tomorrow as it is officially time to kick off the Adoption 101 series. Better yet, subscribe via e-mail so that you get the piece in your e-mail. Our first guest contributor’s piece will be published this Saturday! Yay! Be prepared for a story of Love and encouragement! Trust me; you don’t want to miss it!


But for today, I’m going to reflect on an average day in the life of Little B at 3 months! I would like to do a “day in the life” type of post every so often in order to compare how the different developmental stages impact her day to day experiences. Come with me as I walk through our routine of an average mid-week day.


I am beginning with her night sleeping patterns, because let’s face it, sleep can make or break the rest of the day! Being that she is still an infant I have to say Little B is quite a good sleeper. Starting at about 2 and a half months she began sleeping about 5 hours before waking up! Depending on what you read, some people would even count 5 hours straight as “sleeping through the night!” Once she wakes, our next hour is time for a diaper change, a feeding, and about 15-20 minutes of cuddling. Little B has a mild case of acid reflux, so her pediatrician recommended I keep her vertical after feedings to give her tummy time to settle. This cuddle time is now a lovely part of our night routine. Not only does it help her tummy, but it helps her relax back to sleep and serves as bonding time for the two of us. Though I do crave sleep just as much as any new mom, these Little Momma Moments have definitely helped keep night feedings more manageable. She then typically sleeps about another 3 hours before waking up again. This pattern quickly became quite a routine for her. While I am very grateful for her sleeping patterns, I have to say that when she slept 8.5 hours last week, I was stoked! Personally, that is what I would call “sleeping through the night.” Though she has not made a routine of that wonderful 8.5 hour stretch, I really can’t complain about her typical sleeping habits.

Beautiful Dreamer!

And then there are growth spurts. Growth spurts undoubtedly throw quite a wrench in both her sleeping and eating patterns. I would say she is actually experiencing a growth spurt right now. Over these last few nights she has wanted to eat A LOT! She has been waking up every 2 hours or so to eat. If past spurts are any indication though, I would say she will likely return to her typical sleeping pattern in just a couple more days.


So, unless we have places to go or people to see, our mornings are pretty routine. Little B wakes up and is ready for another  diaper change, feeding and cuddle time. And then one of my favorite parts of the day; we have a “Mommy Date!” This is when I spend an hour of uninterrupted time engaging with my girl. We sing, dance, giggle, laugh, and chat… well I chat and she coos. :) My goal is simple, to be fully present. Though the execution of that goal is not always so simple. If I was being honest, I would tell you how embarrassed I am to admit the level of difficulty it was to stay technology free for 60 minutes. But eventually, it got easier and easier. Seeing that gleam in her eye just before she shrugs towards me with her bashful little smile, is incredibly motivating! I don’t know how life can be any sweeter than those moments on our “Mommy Dates.”

Momma Date Smiles!

If you have read my “All About Little Momma Momentspiece you know that I use to run a teen parenting program. One of my favorite things to do with the small children enrolled in my class was to take them for a daily walk. We would talk about nature, sing songs about things we would see, and smell every flower we could. During my years of infertility, this is certainly one of the Little Momma Moments I craved. I knew how much I loved taking the infants and toddlers in my class for walks; and I just couldn’t wait to take MY child on walks. So the tradition started. I try to take her on a stroll at some point of every day. As I explained in my “Battle of the baby carriers; Ergobaby vs. BECO” piece, I love wearing Little B in my baby carrier. I strap her in and our adventure begins! I know she doesn’t understand the adjectives I throw her way as I describe all the trees and animals we see, but I know the exposure to the vocabulary helps her cognitive development. So there we go; my tiny baby and I chatting all around town! We must be quite the site to see!

Our Wildlife Walks With Ducks,
Turtles, (That is a "the sun's in my eyes smile")

And An Occasional Chicken! Lol!

Sometime we even get others to join us on our walks. Like this time when we had  GG, and Cousin L with us on a stroll to a local park. This was Little B’s first visit to a park… so it was an extra special Little Momma Moment.


During the day Little B will eat on average every three hours, which automatically consumes (pun intended) a chunk of my day. If you figure one hour for every feeding, the time adds up. Thankfully, I treasure these precious 60 minute Little Momma Moments! In fact nursing my baby girl has been a Little Momma Moment I have dreamed of for quite some time. Even during our adoption process I was researching the tools an adoptive mother could utilize in order to breastfeed. Nursing was one thing I did not want infertility to take from me. The miraculous pregnancy that brought us our Little Warrior B, put me one step closer to this moment. Though her NICU stay did bring on some unfortunate latching problems, I was fortunate to have three women with lactation consulting backgrounds available to help us through the struggles. But we made it! It was a learning process, with some emotional hurdles, but it happened and it warms my heart that I am now able to nurse my daughter!

Anyhow, the activities between those afternoon feedings, very quite a bit. The afternoon is when I try to squeeze in any productivity I can. She primarily stays awake these days, but occasionally will take cat naps.


Depending on how she slept the night before, I sometimes try to squeeze in a nap myself while she is asleep; otherwise the timer begins for all things productive. This is when I do laundry, clean house, balance the check book, blog, eat lunch, shower and sometimes even style my hair! If she does not get much shut eye in the afternoon, she can typically be occupied for fifteen minute increments under her play gym, in her swing, or in her bouncer. These tidbits of time allow me even more of a chance to get things done around the house.
Any time not otherwise accounted for, is mommy and me time. In addition to the singing and chatting, I may be reading to her, wearing her during some more chores, or squeezing in extra cuddles. (Because I just can’t resist kissing those cheeks!) Out of the whole day, the afternoons seems to fly by the fastest. Trying to get the most out of every hour makes you shockingly aware of that minute hand speeding by. This makes me be very intentional about not missing a moment, because what they say is true, they grow up so fast!


If food shopping or any day trips are planned, we jump in the car and go. Now if you talk to my mom you will find out Little B likes travel time just about as much as I did at her age… NOT AT ALL! My baby girl DESPISES the car! Driving is probably the hardest part of any given day. It has got to be one of the most gut wrenching feeling to hear your kid upset and be without a whole lot of resources to offer relief. When I have someone with me, I utilize a tool I call the “car nanny” which means one person sits in the back seat with her and the other serves as a chauffeur of sorts. This helps significantly, but when I am on my own… well let’s just say it is a learning process for the both of us. This week I learned, in fact, that if I place her favorite stuffed animal in her lap, she will spend a portion of the ride babbling to him and flipping him. I suppose she may grow out of this level of hatred for the car, but for now I plan my drives strategically and I am always trying new things to help her out.

Our Newest Car Nanny, Mike Wazowski

While drive time is her least favorite part of the day, bath time is one of her top favorite parts of the day. In order to save her from eczema, we were told to skip baths every other day. But when it is bath time, she is one happy girl! This week we tried, for the first time, bathing her without the baby tub hammock! (I veh, it feels like the time for this change came WAY to fast.) She seems a lot more cautious in her tub time movements, but I hope she warms up to it and starts to enjoy it as much as before.

Bathy Bath

When Little B’s Daddy gets home I try to limit the amount of productivity I squeeze in, as this is the only shot of family time we have during the work week. I am incredibly blessed to have a husband who comes home, cooks dinner and does the dishes! Seriously, I am blessed! Then to top that off, I get to watch the most endearing part of the night, Little B’s “Daddy Date.” Similar to her mommy date this is uninterrupted time filled with kisses and giggles! *Swoon* An amazing husband and an amazing daddy all in one!
Daddy Date Smiles!
After her daddy date, she usually eats and takes a short nap, cuddles with either her daddy or I, and then eats once more before she goes to sleep for the night. This routine often allows for Branden and I to squeeze in an hour or two of TV, which is a nice relaxing change of pace for each of our days.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Little B at 3 months! Oh, how I love my job as a stay at home mom! This life is such a perfect fit for me! We are two happy girls!

Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Adoption FAQ

Hello, Little Momma & Little Momma-To-Be
        This week I am responding with a big huge THANK YOU to the folks at Adoptive Families and Building Your Family  for their incredibly helpful and informative charts. The first step to adoption is feeling the calling in your heart, soul and mind, and the second step is research! The Myth & Realities form you will see bellow is one that I read over and over, and even brought to my family to read, while I was in the research stage. The data used for this form is based on research reported in the 2005 Adoptive Families Guide. That was a name formally used to identify a packet now called Building Your Family; Donor, Surrogacy, and Adoption Guide. All other forms & charts in this post are from the 2013- 2014 instalment of the guide. While both the Adoptive Families and Building your Family websites are a jam packed with links, and therefore a tad bit difficult to navigate, I highly encourage you to go click around each of them because they do offer a tremendous amount of valuable free information. I have decided to highlight the following forms as I believe they deliver the most critical information for anyone beginning the research stage of an adoption.

        As I said, this first document is from a somewhat dated guide, but I think it still has value. It can currently still be found at For a Child under their free info packet link. Personally, my favorite part of this form was the red and yellow table at the bottom offering statistics on the time a family generally waits to bring home their child.

8 Myths & Realities About Adoption
        These next two charts are probably the most valuable of all. It is an incredibly helpful tool as you are making decisions on which adoption route is best for your family. (Please subscribe to Little Momma Moments as the Adoption 101 Series being launched November 2014 will further explain each of these modes of adoption through the voice of Little Mommas who have grown their family through adoption)
What Kind of Adoption is Right for You
        The next topic is one that a wise parent-to-be needs to acknowledge no matter how frustrating it is that it ultimately plays a part in growing your family. MONEY! While I wish I could say that no matter how you decide to grow your family would be free that would be unequivocally false. So here it is, a breakdown in the financial variations among the various adoption routes. (Again, please remember to subscribe to Little Momma Moments, as I will be suggesting some fund raising ideas in a 2015 piece.)

Adoption Cost Breakdown
        The final chart I've collected for you is one that addresses a timeline. It gives you an approximate range of the time you can expect each step to take.
Adoption Timeline
     While the whole adoption process may take longer than you would like, don't lose hope. The family you have dreamed of is within your reach! I hope you have found this post informative, and please remember I pray for all my readers and all those embarking on the incredible journey of adoption!
Little Momma, April Faith

Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all; A Photo Story

Happy Fall Little Momma!

     Today I will be reflecting on Little B's first fall! When I heard the almost unbelievable news that I was pregnant, a slew of excitement, joy, anticipation, and many other emotions overflowed my soul. I day dreamed about all the "firsts" we would have with our child. When I calculated my due date I also started to think about my child's first major holiday. It was going to be Halloween! So even before I knew if my baby was a boy or a girl I started imagining what we would dress up as and how we could make the first Halloween amazing!

     This photo story will cover the handful of events that we planned for Little B's first fall. 
     Little B's Daddy is a HUGE football fan, an OBSESSED Green Bay Packers fan to be exact. In fact his joy from football has ignited several members of both sides of our family to share his excitement. So during football season we often watch the Sunday games with either side of the family. This evening in particular we were going to watch the evening game at Branden's parent's house, Little B's Oma & Opa's.
Opa, Oma, Cousin V, Cousin M, & Little B
Oma & Opa love to do several outdoor activities together. One of which is gardening & harvesting. They have a fruit and vegetable garden to die for. This year they have included pumpkins in their garden. So in addition to having us over for football, we also were going to pick pumpkins for Little B & Auntie Mandi's girls, Cousins M & V. Oma also invited my side of the family: GG & Frosty, Little B's grandparents, plus her Auntie Denise, Uncle T.J. & Cousin L.
Cousin L & Little B found a Pumpkin!

We also got to pick apples! This week we picked Pink Ladies and Fuji apples. Yum!
"What do you mean I can't eat any apples?!"
After apple picking was done, we carved pumpkins, ate dinner, and watched a football game. It was such a great night!
Toddler chat!
Carving a Jack-O-Lantern with
Uncle T.J. & Cousin L


GG, Little B, & Jack!
My girl!

Little B's First Fall!
Oh, how I love these girls!

This is the life!  We are sooooo blessed!
     Daddy and I also wanted to take her to a public pumpkin patch! Honestly, Little B had mixed feelings about the whole thing! ;) But we got a few photos!
My family!

"We'll take this one!"

"Daddy, I think I'll need your help carrying this one."
Daddy's Girl

Mommy & Me

"But, Mom, these guys aren't scary at all."
Silly Scarecrows
Then came Halloween! YAY! Time to dress up!
     So back in 2002, when Branden and I started dating, Monsters, Inc. had just come out on DVD. Why do I know this, you ask? Well, because as we watched  the rental together, we held hands for the first time. (All together now... Ahhhhh!) So when I saw the $7.00 Mike Wazowski onsie I knew it was perfect! GG helped me make a tutu with  about $3.00 worth of glitter tool, and about $1.50 worth of elastic. We added a few bows to make it more girly, and that started the costume planning! I made daddy's Sully Sullivan costume with $1.00 worth of felt, a $10.00 shirt from Old Navy, plus fabric glue and jeans we already had. Finally, my Boo costume was made of a $5.00 clearance shirt, $1.00 hair ties, and a few items from my closet. For $28.50 our whole family was ready! and boy was I happy!

The cutest little Mike Wazowski  EVER!
To celebrate the night we went to a local church event with Oma, Auntie Mandi, Cousin M, and Cousin V! It was a blast!
Cousin M as Doc McStuffins
Cousin V as Lambie
 Being the blogger, scrapbooker, photographer, that I am, my favorite part was the free photo booth!

Little B won a cupcake for momma in the cake walk!

She also met the older version of Mike Wazowski!
     As if the night couldn't have gotten any better my brother surprised me by meeting us there with Cousin L after he went trick-or-treating with his friends! (Again I call for a collective... Ahhhhh!) This was the Halloween I'd dreamed off, Little B and all her cousins together!
Toddler jump house!
And of course you can't forget this part...
Mommy's loot... (Okay Daddy, you can have some.)

     Unfortunately Cousin L's mommy had to work on Halloween, and GG & Frosty were warming up for their 1/2 century bike ride the next day, so we did not get to see them while we were all dressed up. However, GG had some more holiday fun in store. She asked for us to bring the girls dressed up  the next Sunday to "trick-or-treat" at GG's and Frosty's house, and boy did they get a treat! THEY GOT PRESENTS!
It was like Christmas in October!
Little B got a stuffed Mike Wazowski...

... and Monsters, Inc. bath toys!
Cousin L received a Frozen T-Shirt, which she was CLEARLY overjoyed with!
No caption needed!
And in honor of her elephant costume, Cousin L also got a Dumbo pillow pall.
Frosty's & GG's lucky girls!

     WOW! What more could a girl ask for! I knew I wanted her Halloween to be nice, but this was spectacular! This was by far the best Halloween EVER!!! Next stop... Little B's first thanksgiving!
Little Momma, April Faith