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A Day in the Life of Little B

Those of you subscribing to Little Momma Moments may have realized that I did not post a reflection piece last week. So here’s the deal… my intention was to share our infertility story, but it quickly became evident to me that it would take quite a bit of time and emotional energy to compose an accurate piece that included all of the pain, tears, prayers and hopes of that challenging time. I decided that piece was not something I wanted to rush due to a publishing deadline, so I held it back. That piece is very important to me. If you will be patient with me, I promise I will share more when I am ready.

In other news… make sure you stop by here tomorrow as it is officially time to kick off the Adoption 101 series. Better yet, subscribe via e-mail so that you get the piece in your e-mail. Our first guest contributor’s piece will be published this Saturday! Yay! Be prepared for a story of Love and encouragement! Trust me; you don’t want to miss it!


But for today, I’m going to reflect on an average day in the life of Little B at 3 months! I would like to do a “day in the life” type of post every so often in order to compare how the different developmental stages impact her day to day experiences. Come with me as I walk through our routine of an average mid-week day.


I am beginning with her night sleeping patterns, because let’s face it, sleep can make or break the rest of the day! Being that she is still an infant I have to say Little B is quite a good sleeper. Starting at about 2 and a half months she began sleeping about 5 hours before waking up! Depending on what you read, some people would even count 5 hours straight as “sleeping through the night!” Once she wakes, our next hour is time for a diaper change, a feeding, and about 15-20 minutes of cuddling. Little B has a mild case of acid reflux, so her pediatrician recommended I keep her vertical after feedings to give her tummy time to settle. This cuddle time is now a lovely part of our night routine. Not only does it help her tummy, but it helps her relax back to sleep and serves as bonding time for the two of us. Though I do crave sleep just as much as any new mom, these Little Momma Moments have definitely helped keep night feedings more manageable. She then typically sleeps about another 3 hours before waking up again. This pattern quickly became quite a routine for her. While I am very grateful for her sleeping patterns, I have to say that when she slept 8.5 hours last week, I was stoked! Personally, that is what I would call “sleeping through the night.” Though she has not made a routine of that wonderful 8.5 hour stretch, I really can’t complain about her typical sleeping habits.

Beautiful Dreamer!

And then there are growth spurts. Growth spurts undoubtedly throw quite a wrench in both her sleeping and eating patterns. I would say she is actually experiencing a growth spurt right now. Over these last few nights she has wanted to eat A LOT! She has been waking up every 2 hours or so to eat. If past spurts are any indication though, I would say she will likely return to her typical sleeping pattern in just a couple more days.


So, unless we have places to go or people to see, our mornings are pretty routine. Little B wakes up and is ready for another  diaper change, feeding and cuddle time. And then one of my favorite parts of the day; we have a “Mommy Date!” This is when I spend an hour of uninterrupted time engaging with my girl. We sing, dance, giggle, laugh, and chat… well I chat and she coos. :) My goal is simple, to be fully present. Though the execution of that goal is not always so simple. If I was being honest, I would tell you how embarrassed I am to admit the level of difficulty it was to stay technology free for 60 minutes. But eventually, it got easier and easier. Seeing that gleam in her eye just before she shrugs towards me with her bashful little smile, is incredibly motivating! I don’t know how life can be any sweeter than those moments on our “Mommy Dates.”

Momma Date Smiles!

If you have read my “All About Little Momma Momentspiece you know that I use to run a teen parenting program. One of my favorite things to do with the small children enrolled in my class was to take them for a daily walk. We would talk about nature, sing songs about things we would see, and smell every flower we could. During my years of infertility, this is certainly one of the Little Momma Moments I craved. I knew how much I loved taking the infants and toddlers in my class for walks; and I just couldn’t wait to take MY child on walks. So the tradition started. I try to take her on a stroll at some point of every day. As I explained in my “Battle of the baby carriers; Ergobaby vs. BECO” piece, I love wearing Little B in my baby carrier. I strap her in and our adventure begins! I know she doesn’t understand the adjectives I throw her way as I describe all the trees and animals we see, but I know the exposure to the vocabulary helps her cognitive development. So there we go; my tiny baby and I chatting all around town! We must be quite the site to see!

Our Wildlife Walks With Ducks,
Turtles, (That is a "the sun's in my eyes smile")

And An Occasional Chicken! Lol!

Sometime we even get others to join us on our walks. Like this time when we had  GG, and Cousin L with us on a stroll to a local park. This was Little B’s first visit to a park… so it was an extra special Little Momma Moment.


During the day Little B will eat on average every three hours, which automatically consumes (pun intended) a chunk of my day. If you figure one hour for every feeding, the time adds up. Thankfully, I treasure these precious 60 minute Little Momma Moments! In fact nursing my baby girl has been a Little Momma Moment I have dreamed of for quite some time. Even during our adoption process I was researching the tools an adoptive mother could utilize in order to breastfeed. Nursing was one thing I did not want infertility to take from me. The miraculous pregnancy that brought us our Little Warrior B, put me one step closer to this moment. Though her NICU stay did bring on some unfortunate latching problems, I was fortunate to have three women with lactation consulting backgrounds available to help us through the struggles. But we made it! It was a learning process, with some emotional hurdles, but it happened and it warms my heart that I am now able to nurse my daughter!

Anyhow, the activities between those afternoon feedings, very quite a bit. The afternoon is when I try to squeeze in any productivity I can. She primarily stays awake these days, but occasionally will take cat naps.


Depending on how she slept the night before, I sometimes try to squeeze in a nap myself while she is asleep; otherwise the timer begins for all things productive. This is when I do laundry, clean house, balance the check book, blog, eat lunch, shower and sometimes even style my hair! If she does not get much shut eye in the afternoon, she can typically be occupied for fifteen minute increments under her play gym, in her swing, or in her bouncer. These tidbits of time allow me even more of a chance to get things done around the house.
Any time not otherwise accounted for, is mommy and me time. In addition to the singing and chatting, I may be reading to her, wearing her during some more chores, or squeezing in extra cuddles. (Because I just can’t resist kissing those cheeks!) Out of the whole day, the afternoons seems to fly by the fastest. Trying to get the most out of every hour makes you shockingly aware of that minute hand speeding by. This makes me be very intentional about not missing a moment, because what they say is true, they grow up so fast!


If food shopping or any day trips are planned, we jump in the car and go. Now if you talk to my mom you will find out Little B likes travel time just about as much as I did at her age… NOT AT ALL! My baby girl DESPISES the car! Driving is probably the hardest part of any given day. It has got to be one of the most gut wrenching feeling to hear your kid upset and be without a whole lot of resources to offer relief. When I have someone with me, I utilize a tool I call the “car nanny” which means one person sits in the back seat with her and the other serves as a chauffeur of sorts. This helps significantly, but when I am on my own… well let’s just say it is a learning process for the both of us. This week I learned, in fact, that if I place her favorite stuffed animal in her lap, she will spend a portion of the ride babbling to him and flipping him. I suppose she may grow out of this level of hatred for the car, but for now I plan my drives strategically and I am always trying new things to help her out.

Our Newest Car Nanny, Mike Wazowski

While drive time is her least favorite part of the day, bath time is one of her top favorite parts of the day. In order to save her from eczema, we were told to skip baths every other day. But when it is bath time, she is one happy girl! This week we tried, for the first time, bathing her without the baby tub hammock! (I veh, it feels like the time for this change came WAY to fast.) She seems a lot more cautious in her tub time movements, but I hope she warms up to it and starts to enjoy it as much as before.

Bathy Bath

When Little B’s Daddy gets home I try to limit the amount of productivity I squeeze in, as this is the only shot of family time we have during the work week. I am incredibly blessed to have a husband who comes home, cooks dinner and does the dishes! Seriously, I am blessed! Then to top that off, I get to watch the most endearing part of the night, Little B’s “Daddy Date.” Similar to her mommy date this is uninterrupted time filled with kisses and giggles! *Swoon* An amazing husband and an amazing daddy all in one!
Daddy Date Smiles!
After her daddy date, she usually eats and takes a short nap, cuddles with either her daddy or I, and then eats once more before she goes to sleep for the night. This routine often allows for Branden and I to squeeze in an hour or two of TV, which is a nice relaxing change of pace for each of our days.

So there you have it, a day in the life of Little B at 3 months! Oh, how I love my job as a stay at home mom! This life is such a perfect fit for me! We are two happy girls!

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