Saturday, November 22, 2014

Adoption 101; Bringing Faith Home! {Domestic Adoption Through a Facilitator}

Good Afternoon Little Momma,
Today is a big day here at Little Momma Moments! I am kicking off the Adoption 101 series! As I explained in my “Happy National Adoption Month piece, this series will be a collection of pieces from guest authors who have grown their families through adoption, and I am so very honored to share these stories with you! This first installment will offer a firsthand account of domestic newborn adoption through a facilitator. Future installments will explore international adoption, domestic newborn adoption through an agency, and domestic adoption through the county. In order to stay current with this series and all things from Little Momma Moments, consider subscribing via e-mail. (FYI- This tool is only available on the full site. So if you are currently reading from a mobile device, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and you will see a link that says “View Web Version.” Click it and you will then see a field located in the left column where you can input your e-mail.) You are also invited to follow us on Facebook for status updates.
Now grab a box of tissues, because the video in this piece is going to make you cry, and let’s meet Little Momma Rebekah, her husband, Harrison, and their beautiful daughter, Faith.
Little Momma April Faith

(First off, thank you so much, Little Momma April Faith, for asking me to share our adoption story for Adoption Awareness Month.)
Dear Little Momma,

My name is Rebekah and adoption holds a very special place in my heart and I’m excited to take you along on our journey. Our daughter Faith was born in July, and we are currently going through the post-placement stage of our adoption. We are excited to be wrapping up this amazing journey. The wait was a long one, but every time I look over at this precious little one who blessed our family, the pain of our long wait melts away.

When my husband Harrison and I married 8 years ago, children were never even on our radar. For me, the desire to have children was a gradual one; God started prompting me toward adoption little by little. I remember watching the music video, “When Love Takes You In,” by Steven Curtis Chapman in our little apartment while Harrison was at work.

It was after viewing that video when I decided that not only did I want children, but I wanted to have children through adoption. Little did I know that God was also preparing Harrison’s heart for adoption.

We decided that we wanted to start our family through domestic adoption. It’s true what they say, that "no two adoptions are alike." Every adoption is unique in its own way. Adoption laws also vary from state to state, which can make it difficult to figure out the best place to start.

In California, we knew we needed to complete a home study, so we started researching agencies in our area and found The Family Network in Soquel, California. What made them stand out from other agencies were their video interviews from other adoptive parent’s who shared their stories. The home study is important because it shows the government that you are able to parent and pre-approves you to adopt.

It was also at The Family Network where we were led to our adoption facilitators over at Lifetime Adoptions. Unlike most agencies and facilitators, Lifetime has a free application and services the whole United States. Lifetime was an important part of our adoption, because they led us to find Faith’s birthmother.

When finding a facilitator, it’s very important that they know what they are doing and have a great track record. We were very impressed with Lifetime Adoptions because they reached over the whole United States and knew what to look for in birthmothers. I have heard horror stories of adoption scams and felt confident that Lifetime could be discerning.

Lifetime helps families connect with birthmothers through their huge database and helps give advice on writing your birthmother letter and developing your profile, audio message, and video. They also do webinars on a wide range of adoption topics and tips, so you are well prepared on what to expect in your adoption.

Lifetime also went above and beyond what most facilitators do by providing all sorts of services for birthmothers, such as connecting them with counselors, care packages and a scholarship program. They have a heart for birthmothers and I knew our birthmother would be in safe hands.

Once Lifetime connected us with Faith’s birthmother, we then hired a lawyer that was recommended highly by Lifetime. Because Faith was going to be born in California, we were blessed to only need one lawyer. Our lawyer over at Little Angel Adoptions helped us with all the legal aspects of our adoption pre-birth, during birth, and for post-placement. It is extremely important that you find a lawyer that not only comes highly recommended, but that is also a certified adoption attorney.

Currently, we are wrapping up all the paperwork the courts need to finalize our adoption. I can’t believe that the finish line is in sight and soon we will be standing before the judge as he declares Faith to be our legal daughter!

The depth of love that Faith has brought into our life is overwhelming. I never knew I could love so deeply. The gift of adoption has blessed our lives beyond measure.
Little Momma, Rebekah


  1. As Faith's Grannie all I can say is, "She has taken over my heart"!

    1. Welcome to Little Momma Moments, Faith's Grannie! My oh my, you sure do have an ADORABLE Grandbaby!

  2. I met Faith when Rebekah & Harrison brought her to my mom's 90th BD party. My mom is Rebekah's dad's aunt. Faith is the precious addition that made this threesome into a cute, wonderful, loving family.

    1. Welcome to Little Momma Moments and Happy Birthday to your Little Momma!

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