Friday, November 7, 2014

Happy Fall Y'all; A Photo Story

Happy Fall Little Momma!

     Today I will be reflecting on Little B's first fall! When I heard the almost unbelievable news that I was pregnant, a slew of excitement, joy, anticipation, and many other emotions overflowed my soul. I day dreamed about all the "firsts" we would have with our child. When I calculated my due date I also started to think about my child's first major holiday. It was going to be Halloween! So even before I knew if my baby was a boy or a girl I started imagining what we would dress up as and how we could make the first Halloween amazing!

     This photo story will cover the handful of events that we planned for Little B's first fall. 
     Little B's Daddy is a HUGE football fan, an OBSESSED Green Bay Packers fan to be exact. In fact his joy from football has ignited several members of both sides of our family to share his excitement. So during football season we often watch the Sunday games with either side of the family. This evening in particular we were going to watch the evening game at Branden's parent's house, Little B's Oma & Opa's.
Opa, Oma, Cousin V, Cousin M, & Little B
Oma & Opa love to do several outdoor activities together. One of which is gardening & harvesting. They have a fruit and vegetable garden to die for. This year they have included pumpkins in their garden. So in addition to having us over for football, we also were going to pick pumpkins for Little B & Auntie Mandi's girls, Cousins M & V. Oma also invited my side of the family: GG & Frosty, Little B's grandparents, plus her Auntie Denise, Uncle T.J. & Cousin L.
Cousin L & Little B found a Pumpkin!

We also got to pick apples! This week we picked Pink Ladies and Fuji apples. Yum!
"What do you mean I can't eat any apples?!"
After apple picking was done, we carved pumpkins, ate dinner, and watched a football game. It was such a great night!
Toddler chat!
Carving a Jack-O-Lantern with
Uncle T.J. & Cousin L


GG, Little B, & Jack!
My girl!

Little B's First Fall!
Oh, how I love these girls!

This is the life!  We are sooooo blessed!
     Daddy and I also wanted to take her to a public pumpkin patch! Honestly, Little B had mixed feelings about the whole thing! ;) But we got a few photos!
My family!

"We'll take this one!"

"Daddy, I think I'll need your help carrying this one."
Daddy's Girl

Mommy & Me

"But, Mom, these guys aren't scary at all."
Silly Scarecrows
Then came Halloween! YAY! Time to dress up!
     So back in 2002, when Branden and I started dating, Monsters, Inc. had just come out on DVD. Why do I know this, you ask? Well, because as we watched  the rental together, we held hands for the first time. (All together now... Ahhhhh!) So when I saw the $7.00 Mike Wazowski onsie I knew it was perfect! GG helped me make a tutu with  about $3.00 worth of glitter tool, and about $1.50 worth of elastic. We added a few bows to make it more girly, and that started the costume planning! I made daddy's Sully Sullivan costume with $1.00 worth of felt, a $10.00 shirt from Old Navy, plus fabric glue and jeans we already had. Finally, my Boo costume was made of a $5.00 clearance shirt, $1.00 hair ties, and a few items from my closet. For $28.50 our whole family was ready! and boy was I happy!

The cutest little Mike Wazowski  EVER!
To celebrate the night we went to a local church event with Oma, Auntie Mandi, Cousin M, and Cousin V! It was a blast!
Cousin M as Doc McStuffins
Cousin V as Lambie
 Being the blogger, scrapbooker, photographer, that I am, my favorite part was the free photo booth!

Little B won a cupcake for momma in the cake walk!

She also met the older version of Mike Wazowski!
     As if the night couldn't have gotten any better my brother surprised me by meeting us there with Cousin L after he went trick-or-treating with his friends! (Again I call for a collective... Ahhhhh!) This was the Halloween I'd dreamed off, Little B and all her cousins together!
Toddler jump house!
And of course you can't forget this part...
Mommy's loot... (Okay Daddy, you can have some.)

     Unfortunately Cousin L's mommy had to work on Halloween, and GG & Frosty were warming up for their 1/2 century bike ride the next day, so we did not get to see them while we were all dressed up. However, GG had some more holiday fun in store. She asked for us to bring the girls dressed up  the next Sunday to "trick-or-treat" at GG's and Frosty's house, and boy did they get a treat! THEY GOT PRESENTS!
It was like Christmas in October!
Little B got a stuffed Mike Wazowski...

... and Monsters, Inc. bath toys!
Cousin L received a Frozen T-Shirt, which she was CLEARLY overjoyed with!
No caption needed!
And in honor of her elephant costume, Cousin L also got a Dumbo pillow pall.
Frosty's & GG's lucky girls!

     WOW! What more could a girl ask for! I knew I wanted her Halloween to be nice, but this was spectacular! This was by far the best Halloween EVER!!! Next stop... Little B's first thanksgiving!
Little Momma, April Faith


  1. This was such a nice walk through the holiday! Great pictures and better memories :-)

    1. Why thank you Little Momma! We sure did have a blast!

      Little Momma, April Faith