Saturday, November 1, 2014

Happy National Adoption Awareness Month!

     In order to celebrate the miracle that is adoption, I have some exciting plans for Little Momma Moments November 2014. Due to the fact that Adoption & Infertility have a special place in my heart, you can expect them to be common threads throughout this parenting blog, but in honor of National Adoption Month, there will be an increased concentration of Adoption information this month in particular. I am also so excited to let you know that I am in process of nailing down contributors to take part in my ADOPTION 101 series that will be kicking off this month! This will be a collection of pieces from guest authors who have grown their families through Adoption. Each contributing momma has used a different venue to Adopt their child(ren). The ADOPTION 101 series will offer 1st hand accounts of international adoption (pending), domestic newborn adoption through an agency, domestic newborn adoption through a facilitator and domestic adoption through the county. You are not going to want to miss them, so please remember to subscribe via e-mail or like our Facebook page, so you will be alerted when each story is published. I am literally smiling as I am explaining this series, as I am so very excited to share these beautiful stories of love and family!

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