Friday, November 28, 2014

Our Mommy and Daddy Bucket List

Have you ever written a bucket list? Well I have. I created a list of things I’d like to do and a second list for places I’d like to go. Well this week Branden and I have been talking about things we’d like to do with Little B. This conversation turned into a bucket list of sorts and I decided to start writing it down.

So here is what we have so far…

  • Take her to the Wild Animal Park
    • (Because who doesn't love animals.)
  • Take her to Disneyland
    • (Because who doesn't love Mickey.)
  • Take her to Sea World
    • (Because manatees are mommy's favorite animal.)
  • Take her to the Mountains
    • (I find the mountains to be the most peaceful place on the planet, so this one was obvious for me.)
    • Walk around the Mountain/Lake Village
      • Though I know we will do this several more times during her childhood, it was a grand Little Momma Moment to take her to the mountain/lake for the first time.


Oh how that smirk melts my heart!
    • Hike in the Woods
    • Build a Snowman
      • (Do you want to build a snowman?!)
    • Stay in a Cabin
    • Go Sledding
    • Throw Snowballs
  • Take her to New York
    • See Family
    • Drive on the Brooklyn Bridge
  • Take her to the Beach
    • Take her on a Beach Bike Ride
      • ( My parents, Little B's GG & Frosty, and Branden are avid road bikers, so this will be happening for sure. Even before she can pedal her own bike they will be pulling her and her cousins in a trailer behind a bike. Now we just have to wait until she can fit a helmet!)
(As you can tell she is very excited about this!
{This was a video we sent my parents while they were racing in their first half century ride.})

    • play with her in the Ocean
      • (A California must)
    • build a Sand Castle
    • Bury Daddy
      • (Mommy added this one) :)
  • Take her to a Kids Museum
    • (Because I remember going to hands on museums and enjoying them very much as a child)
  • Take her to a Drumline Competition
    • (Little B's Daddy is a musician, more specifically a drummer. He was part of a drumline from middle school all the way through college. So taking her to a competition will be sharing something her Daddy REALLY loves. We actually had a chance to attended one when I was 20 weeks pregnant, so perhaps that will be the start of a tradition for our family.)
  • Take her Fishing
    • (Daddy added this one, and the idea reminds me of this precious song by Trace Adkins)

  • Chase Butterflies
  • Bake and decorate Cookies
  • Raise her with a Church Family
    • Routinely take her to Weekend Services
      • (While this one can never truly be checked off the list, thus the "routinely", I loved the little momma moment of taking her to church for the first time.)
    • Involve her in a Quality Sunday School
      • (One of the main reasons we are at the church we attend is because they have a killer children's program. So I am grateful for that. But in all honesty I would like to ask you, my readers, to pray for me, because the idea of leaving my child with anyone beyond family is one I can't even imagine quite yet.)
  • Watch the Sunset
    • (This is another one I would like to do several times, but we decided to start her young.)
I know this is just a start, but it was fun to get it down on paper, in the digital sense. If you have any ideas on things I should add please leave them in the comments below. Have a great weekend friends!
Little Momma, April Faith

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