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A Miraculous Pregnancy and A Warrior Child; Part 1

I decided to hold back on last Friday's Reflection piece until today, because today is exactly one year since my life FOREVER changed into something much more sweet! I discovered I was pregnant! So on this December 10th, I hope you enjoy sitting back and reading this story of overwhelming happiness.


Happiness is…
...finding out they were wrong!
Infertility = 0
God = 1

Happiness is...
...realizing God was doing something BIG!
Could I have totally missed it? Was I really late, and I totally missed it? I'm not the kind of girl who misses this kind of thing... but did I this time? I was in such disbelief of the idea that I could have missed it; I simply couldn’t even bring myself to take a pregnancy test. After years of struggling with infertility and many MANY negative pregnancy tests, I was in no rush to prove that I was miscalculating and thus just getting my hopes up. So I decided to wait. I picked a day in the following week and I was going to wait.
Then came the 3rd hour of Tuesday, December 10th, 2013... Though the arbitrary day I had deemed pregnancy test appropriate was still 21 hours away, I woke up with an overwhelming desire to test. And then I saw something I’d never seen before. I saw two beautiful pink lines. One line for the control, and one line that meant God was doing something BIG. A line that meant despite a failed mild fertility treatment, three failed moderate fertility treatments, and a failed aggressive fertility treatment, I was no longer barren. That glorious little line meant I was going to be intimately involved in God’s creation of a miraculous little warrior that some of my doctors feared might not ever happen. I was pregnant! Happiness is seeing that second line! Happiness is realizing God is bigger than infertility! Happiness is waking up your husband to gaze at those two life changing lines!
Before I even made it back to the bed, not that I would be able to fall sleep, I was scheduling a confirmation blood test. And after one more positive pregnancy test, this time in a public restroom, they drew blood. The next day I got a call that made me crouch to the ground in tears of joy and awe. Right there in the elementary school hall way, I heard I was going to carry my child! Happiness is hearing the words “Are you sitting down? It happened! It finally happened! April, you are pregnant!” Happiness is calling your husband to tell him the home tests were accurate! Happiness is hugging your husband after he gets off of work overwhelmed by a gift so great, only God could create!

Happiness is...
...sharing our incredible news!

Happiness is...

...watching you grow!

Six Weeks
Twelve Weeks
Seventeen Weeks
Twenty Six Weeks
Happiness is...
...watching me grow,
and grow,
and Grow,
and GROW!
Just a few days Prior to Pregnancy
(From our "Adoption Maternity Shoot)
7 Weeks

15 Weeks

16 Weeks
(Auntie Mandi- 32 Weeks)

20 Weeks

24 Weeks

26 Weeks
(1st Mother's Day)
26 Weeks
29 Weeks
(My Baby Shower)

30 Weeks
32 Weeks

35 Weeks
(Auntie Denise- 6 Weeks)

(37 Weeks)

39 Weeks
(Auntie Denise- 10 Weeks)

Happiness is...
...hearing your heartbeat!
We saw the proof of a heartbeat on early ultrasounds, but hearing it was a whole other ball game! We were so blessed to have a friend lend us her Fetal Heart Doppler throughout the vast majority of my pregnancy. Not only did this amazing piece of modern technology bring me a tremendous amount of peace throughout my pregnancy, it allowed us to listen to your heartbeat for the very first time, in the comfort of our own home, at 10 weeks!

17 Weeks

26 Weeks
Happiness is...
...feeling you kick!
I think I started feeling you kick around week 14, but since this was my first pregnancy I wasn't 100% sure of it until week 20. Even though I had an anterior placenta, daddy was still able to feel you kick just a week later, at 21 weeks!

Happiness is...
...finding out we were having a daughter!
We were told very early on that even though gender is evident as early as 14 weeks, the policy was to do the gender identification scan at week 20. Oh boy, I did not like that plan! I was ready to jump in the car to get an ultrasound at the local ultrasound studio, but hesitated, as spending money on something that could be free seemed silly. Then I got the call to set up the appointment and they said they couldn't see me until I was 21 weeks along! I don't know what it was about that one extra week, but all my penny pinching tendencies went right out the window! We went the very next night to the local ultrasound studio! It was amazing! That moment was about our family, not simply fulfilling a diagnostic goal. We were able to just sit and watch you dance around. We were able to stay in awe of you and celebrate that we were having a daughter! I was entirely captivated by this reality! That ultrasound was worth EVERY SINGLE penny. With gender identification you also now had a name. There is something that takes over your soul in absolute affection when your baby has a name. I was having a daughter and her name was Little B!



Happiness is...
...getting a 4D sneak peak!
It is a tradition in our family that with every pregnancy GG & Frosty take the family to get a 4D sneak peak ultrasound! It is so amazing that this technology allowed us to see your tiny little features while you were still safely within my belly. On this special day, Mommy, Daddy, GG, Frosty, Oma, Opa, Uncle T.J., Auntie Denise, and Momma's BFF Alyssa all came to the local ultrasound studio to meet you! We even got to Skype mommy's grandparents in New York to watch you dance!

Happiness is...
...scheduling a maternity photo shoot!
As a photographer, maternity photo shoots were always one of my favorites to book. But due to our infertility journey, a maternity shoot for us started to feel just out of reach. During our adoption process we did choose to do an "adoption maternity shoot" which was incredibly fun and healing. But then you, our little warrior came into our lives! Because of you it was now my turn to model for these maternity pictures! I took a few with a local photographer for Mother's Day, and than had a full day out with GG, Frosty, and Daddy, where we all took pictures of each other. What an incredible way to document our excitement for your addition to our family!

Happiness is...
...being your mommy!


 Oh the joy!
So much joy and happiness!
What a blessing!

Ahhhhh I'm so in love! But, now on to another note. You might notice that I called this "Part 1." That is because I wanted to highlight the many many happy parts of my pregnancy as a way to celebrate today, since it was one year ago today I found out I was going to carry my child. However this story calls for a "Part 2" as there are unfortunately parts of even the most miraculous of pregnancies, that bring emotions other than pure happiness... morning sickness for example, lol. I will be writing a part to talk about the plethora of emotions I experienced, and a third part to talk about the epic baby shower my family threw for me. That said, I want to let you know that Little B is going to be meeting her Great-Grandparents from across the country this holiday season. In order to ensure she doesn't miss a single moment I will be cutting back just a bit on my posts for approximately the next month. I will attempt to still get one piece up a week, but I intend to play it by ear. Also keep an eye out for more of the Adoption 101 installments as there are still 3 more on their way!

As always thank you for following!
Little Momma, April Faith

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