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A Love Note to My Daughter

6 months! Whhhaaaaattttttt?!?!?! Little B has been in our arms for 6 months already! I have been a momma for 6 months already! Talk about a blink of an eye. Holy cannoli, how time flies.
To celebrate Little B's half-birthdays every year, I have decided I will write her a little love note. So today, here on Little Momma Moments, I'll share her stats, monthly highlights, monthly photos and most importantly this year's half-birthday letter.

Dear Little B,
Oh, my sweet, beautiful, smart, affectionate, little warrior! Just the thought of you overwhelms my heart with joy and love! Your daddy and I have prayed for you for such a long time and now here you are in our arms! I now get to be your mommy! The magnitude of that privilege is not lost on me! To be your mommy is a dream come true.
Little B, I love all the funny things you do; your toothless grin, your sweet giggle, your silent scream, and even your velociraptor scream! I could listen to you “talk” with your repetitive “ah, ah, ah” syllable all day long! I hope I never forget the sound of your little voice singing while you start to fall asleep, or the sweet face you make when you are waking up. Oh baby girl, how you make my heart smile!
I love that you are my family! Though there will come a time when we disagree on things, remember you are always my family. You are always my daughter. You always belong here. As your momma, my soul resonates with yours. I weep when you hurt, and I cheer when you win; because you are my daughter.  I want you to know that I see you! Like, really see you. Not only in the “my eyes visually see your physical existence” kind of way, but also in the way that makes my soul stand still for a moment to simply absorb how epically significant and valuable your existence truly is. You are priceless my darling daughter! PRICELESS!
I want to be a mom that you can count on. I want you to always know that I will come when you call; and so will your daddy! We’ve got your back and so do the rest of your family. You have grandparents, aunties, uncles, and cousins that simply adore you. We are all here to support you through the good times and bad. And even more significant then all of us, you have a heavenly Father that loves you and fights for you.
As you get older you will learn that life can get hectic. But I hope you also learn that it can be joyful too. I have found that we can actively CHOOSE joy. And sometimes that is truly necessary to truly experience it. Don’t let the joys of life pass you by. Please take the time to enjoy the small things in life that simply make it sweet. Take time to enjoy the sight of the sun rising over the ocean on a summer morning; the sound of someone’s heartbeat that you hear through their chest as you hug them; The smell of the pine trees all around you while you stroll through God’s incredible mountain tops; The taste of a warm cinnamon roll on a Sunday morning; The feeling of flour slipping through your fingers as you bake Christmas cookies. I pray you learn to spot these little moments of joy and choose to feel them in a way that makes you happy.
Little B, I can’t wait to continue watching you grow. To see you discover the world, and discover who you are in this world. I can’t wait to see who you become and what you will love. I can’t wait to watch you find things that put a smile on your face. Whether it is books, sports, art, music, science, or something else, I can’t wait to watch you discover it. My hope for you is that you will live a life of joy; a life that you are proud of and a life that will honor God.
I love you so very much! You are my miraculous warrior child, and Little B, you are a light in my day, a beautiful part of my life, a delight to my soul. I am so lucky to have you as my daughter. <3
Love, Mommy

1 Month
Length:20.5 inches
Weight:8.3 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        You sleep between most night feedings which are about every 2-3 hours. During the day you sleep ALOT, but we worked with you to try and transition you to be more awake during the day and more asleep at night. I would say we were moderately successful. :) This month you learned to latch effectively. With the guidance of 4 lactation consultants you now nurse very well with the assistance of a shield. During the day, you eat about every 2.5 hours, with occasional cluster feedings about every hour.
        You had lots of firsts this month. Obviously it was the first time you got a kiss from mommy & daddy. You also met the majority of your family. You had your first sponge bath at four days and since your umbilical stump fell off on day 12, you got your first submerged bath by day 17. You had your first professional photo shoot on day 10 and went in the pool/spa on day 24. On day 24 you also had your first tummy time with auntie Denise. This month,you were babysat by GG for the first time, while momma went to a doctors appointment.  You also got to watch your first Green Bay Packers game on T.V. with daddy. You had your first trip to a tattoo parlor, while daddy got his first tattoo. You were worn for the first time in mommy's BECO baby carrier, and you LOVE cuddles!

2 Months
Length: 22.5 inches
Weight: 10.6 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        You sleep wonderfully already! After about two weeks of waking up every three hours, you transitioned to every four hours and now are doing a five hours increment followed by three hours! During the day you still like to eat about every two to three hours and occasionally every hour.
     This month you started giggling in your sleep and within a few days you giggled at daddy, then mommy. You also started social smiling. Your nails were growing so well, that daddy gave you your first manicure! You watched your first sunset with mommy and daddy. You grew into size one diapers and started wearing size 0-3 month clothes. You finally got to go out into public fairly consistently going to Target, bible study, church and a wedding at 6 weeks old. You went to your first drive-in movie theater to see Maze Runner and the Guardians of the Galaxy to help mommy and daddy celebrate their six year wedding anniversary. You had your first scrapbook crop and your first trip to MOPs with mommy. You also had a beautiful dedication ceremony and party at an event officiated by your grandpa, Frosty.
3 Months
Length: 23.5 inches
Weight: 13 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        You pretty consistently sleep five hours and then three hours. You will occasionally even last five and a half hours. You love to be swaddled and to have your pacifier. You had a few nights of sleep regression this month, which appeared to be related to developmental milestones/growth. You do well eating on demand about every 3 hours. Every once in a while you will start the morning only eating half of your serving which unfortunately condemns the day to hourly snacking.
        This month you have "found" your hands and have fairly good control of them. You are also in the beginning stages of leg control. You have early signs of attempting to roll over. You already had your first overnight stay at GG's and Frosty's house with me while I recovered from a spinal tap. You went to a dinosaur interactive museum and seemed to enjoy the colors and crowds. You have improved significantly with your pacifier and improved your facial responses in the sense that you smile when smiled at. It is amazing to see you already copping some actions, like sticking your tongue out when I do. This month you had your first round of shots which caused you to sleep about 22 hours only waking up to eat.
4 Months
Length: 24 inches
Weight: 13.2 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        Your sleep schedule has remained basically the same, with a few nights of three hour spurts coinciding with growth spurts. I am excited to see that you had a few nights of sleeping six hours, seven hours, and even up to eight and a half hours! You also took your first nap in your crib this month. You really are a good sleeper. You eat at about 6:00 am, 9:30 am, 12:00 pm, 3:30 pm, 6:00 pm, and 9:30 pm, plus one night feeding at about 2:30 am.
        You are now pretty good at sucking your thumb, though their are times you just want your pacifier. You now hold on to your knees and you are definitely very close to rolling over. You got your second round of shots which this time bothered you a little more.You love bath time and walks around our community. I have read that you can't tell a child's love language for sure until they are about 5 years old, but that some babies do show cues or hints. I TOTALLY think your love language is physical touch! You are such a cuddle bug. One day you couldn't fall asleep until you reached over and wrapped your hand around my finger! Then you quickly fell asleep and would not let go. <3 This month you got to visit the mountains and the park for the first time.
5 Months
Length: 25 inches
Weight: 13.3 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        Sleeping hours are still the same, and we are still co-sleeping with you an a curved mattress between me and your daddy. Not much has changed with your eating either. You still eat about every three hours and are doing well with the shields. We found out that you have a slight lip tie, like daddy, and that may be contributing to why the shields are so helpful.
        A HUGE highlight of this month is YOU ROLLED OVER!!!!! You rolled from your back to your belly once, and then within a week their was no stopping you! YAY YOU! You also grabbed one foot early this month, and about two weeks later you were able to grab both. You got to meet your Great-Grandparents, PaPa & NaNa from New York this month! this was a great highlight to your first Christmas. You also got to "meet" your Cousin D, Who is due late February, through her 3d ultrasound. You and I started Baby Wearing Ballet and you were a big hit at GG's Art trade show.
6 Months
Length: 25.5 inches
Weight: 13.6 lbs.
Monthly Highlights:
        This month your mobility has become a bit of an obstacle for your good sleep patterns. You wake yourself up when you roll onto your belly and cant get back to your back. Once you found out you could still be comfortable on your belly, you started kicking everyone else while laying that way. :) We are now discussing a plan to eventually transition you into your own crib. You are still exclusively nursing, though at the recommendation of your doctor, we are starting to consider a plan for introducing some solids.
        You are now becoming very mobile! You can already "crawl" or scoot backwards and turn 360 degrees by pivoting on your belly. You have rolled over from your tummy to your back about three times, and "combat crawled" about three full movements. This month you got paid $75.00 to let physical therapy students observe your physical development. We were told that your skills were a "textbook" representation of what is expected for a child your age with the exception of your sitting skills, which is where you are TWO MONTHS ADVANCED! Yup, that's right you started sitting up at five and a half months. Everyone also really enjoyed watching you hold your "push up" in the planking position. You can now chew on your toes, which is so stinkin' cute! sometimes you even try to get both feet in your mouth at once. This month you celebrated with me THREE times for my 30th birthday. You went to child care at MOPs for one hour for the first time, and I think you did better then me. Lol!
Six Months of Teddy Bear Cuddles!

Happy Half-Birthday Baby Girl!
Love, Your Little Momma, April Faith

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  1. what a beautiful baby you have! A little cherub! This is a very great initiative to take for your little one, once she grows bigger and starts to understand, she will be very thankful to you!